Educational Furniture Suppliers

Educational Furniture Suppliers

Educational furniture suppliers can be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to upgrade their office environment. Many of these companies offer high-quality, customizable, and ergonomic products. Some of the most popular ones include FSIoffice, Steelcase, Herman Miller Inc., and JK Concepts. These companies provide products for both commercial and residential settings. Whether you’re a school administrator or a homeowner looking for a new desk, chair, or table, you’re sure to find a product that meets your needs.

Herman Miller Inc.

Herman Miller is a company that designs and manufactures office and home furnishings. Its products include storage cabinets, filing systems and equipment. The company has offices in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China and Singapore.

Although it started as a furniture company, it expanded its scope through mergers and acquisitions. In the 1980s, the company acquired Meridian, a manufacturer of metal file cabinets, and Milcare, an office furniture manufacturer. After the 1980s, the company also branched into Asia and Africa.

Aside from the manufacturing of furniture, the company also provides a full range of interior design services for offices. As of this writing, the company had a global dealer network, with 64 showrooms worldwide.


Steelcase is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end furniture and technology solutions for business, home and garden. From a highly innovative design approach to a keen focus on sustainability, the company’s products are not only a cut above the competition but also a joy to use.

With over 200 employees and six manufacturing facilities across three states, this is a big fish in a small pond. If you’re interested in becoming a candidate supplier, you can learn more here. And while you’re at it, be sure to ask about their SupplySync program. That is a well-honed secret that will help you find a niche in the world of office furniture.

The company’s educational furniture offerings include a robust suite of classroom solutions. You can learn more about their products here.


The FSIoffice may be the best place to shop for educational furniture in the Southeast. FSI shaves off an impressive a la carte selection of furniture for less than one third of the average price. FSI is a snazzy name to boot, a snazzy name to match, a snazzy name name to match and a snazzy name name name to match. If you need to furnish a classroom of one, or more, then FSIoffice is the name for you. FSI’s savvy sales team can help you sift through the tetrish. After all, you have to know what you want to see to succeed. FSI’s customer service and support is second to none. FSI’s seasoned experts can help you with everything from furniture to cleaning services.

All Star Carts & Vehicles Inc.

Founded in 1993, All Star Carts & Vehicles is a manufacturer of turnkey food service equipment, mobile marketing consultants, and branded carts. They have over thirty years of experience in the industry and have a hefty contact database.

The company has built for several of the biggest names in the business, including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and the State of New York. Their tally of annual revenues reaches an impressive $1.7 million. With a sales staff of twenty, the company operates out of one building in Bay Shore, NY. Besides the obvious – hot plates – the company also manufactures themed carts, vending kiosks, and trucks. In other words, they build for companies that need a little help with their sales, marketing, or logistics.

JK Concepts Inc.

JK Concepts, Inc is a custom commercial architectural millwork company. They provide semi-production woodworking products such as cabinets and furniture, along with commercial and residential security services. Their services are used by commercial properties, schools, health care facilities, libraries, recreational centers, and other organizations. The company has 15 employees and operates out of Denver, CO.

As one of the premier custom millwork companies in the Rocky Mountain region, JK Concepts has built a reputation for delivering quality services at affordable prices. The company’s products and services include library furnishings, kitchens and bathrooms, countertops, and wood trim. For instance, they have produced and installed board tables for Fortune 500 companies.

The average salary for an employee at JK Concepts, Inc is $1,920. Pay rates vary by location, experience, and job title.